New registration deadline is 1st September 2015 !


Laser-driven nuclear physics is a rapidly developing field. Pioneering experiments are taking place, dedicated facilities are being commissioned and new facilities are currently planned. The aim of ELI-NP SUMMER SCHOOL, co-organized in 2015 in collaboration with ELI-DC AISBL, is to introduce PhD students and young researchers to this field while also presenting most recent experimental and theoretical advances. Well-recognized experts in the field will give the lectures, starting from an introductory level but also tackling more advanced topics. Students and young researchers are invited to contribute to the school with posters.

The school aims at introducing students to the novel research perspectives in the physics with high-power lasers and gamma beams and to discuss the science program and the instruments elaborated for the ELI-NP facility.


  • • Laser-driven nuclear physics
  • • Astrophysics and cosmology with high-power lasers
  • • Strong-field QED and dark-matter physics with high-power lasers
  • • Attophysics
  • • High-power laser facilities
  • • Technical challenges of high-power laser experiments
  • • High-power laser based particle acceleration and applications
  • • Materials under extreme conditions

Student Support:

A limited number of fellowships will be available for students and young researchers (consisting of full or partial local support but no transportation). The applicants should provide a short (one page) CV and a letter of recommendation from a professor or senior scientist who supports their application. Applications for fellowships can be made with letters of support sent by e-mail to the address mentioned below before September 1st, 2015.