ELI-NP Autumn School 2022

Welcome to ELI-NP Autumn School 2022: Physics for the dual beam 10 PW laser at ELI-NP

ELI-NP Training and Conference Center, Magurele, Romania / 3-7 October 2022
Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics demonstrated the 10 PW pulses production and propagation to experimental areas and the first commissioning experiments at 100 TW and 1 PW during the Covid pandemics (2020-2022). As now the facility enters full steam in the operation phase, the School aims at introducing PhD students and young post-doctoral researchers to the field of high power lasers, with emphasis on the use of the ultra-intense synchronous pulses. The School will consist of a number of extended lecture courses given by experts in the field, starting from a basic level, but also including more advanced seminars on specific in-house developments relevant for beamtime preparation. The lectures will be held in the new Conference Center of the ELI-NP, in Magurele. Students are invited to contribute to the school by short oral presentions on their own research.

Main Topics:

  • Laser technologies and facilities
  • Laser metrology
  • High energy density physics and Inertial Confinement Fusion
  • Laboratory astrophysics
  • Laser driven ions acceleration
  • Electron acceleration
  • Strong field quantum electrodynamics
  • Particle in cell simulations for laser-driven experiments
  • Radiotherapy, FLASH effect and irradiated biomolecules

Contact Info

School Directors: Dr. C─âlin A. UR / Dr. Daniel URSESCU

Secretary: Cristina HOLEAB / Loredana FLOAREA

Phone: +40 (0)37.467.63.56

Email: elias@eli-np.ro