The members of ELI-ERIC's International Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (ISTAC) met in person in Romania, at ELI-NP headquarters, on 6-7 May 2024 to discuss and review the achievements, the challenges, and the plans for the upcoming period.

With full potential to regain its membership position in the consortium, the Romanian host highlighted over the two days meeting the key achievements made in ELI-NP strategic research areas. Dr. Calin Alexandru Ur and Dr. Victor Malka, the ELI-NP leadership team, discussed about the scientific research, the educational activities performed at the facility site and the new technologies incorporated. Possibilities of cooperation and knowledge exchange in the field of cutting-edge research in physical and medical sciences, exchange of students and scientists, have been also raised in the discussion by the ELI-NP managerial team.

The ISTAC members particularly appreciated the research infrastructure and highly motivated ELI-NP' research teams.

The role of the International Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (ISTAC) is to advise ELI-ERIC on science and technology issues related to the world-class high power and ultra-fast lasers. In 2021 the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) was granted the legal status of European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) by the European Commission.