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"Dispersion/Stretcher/Compressor characterization for ultra-intense lasers" Training course

In the framework of the IT-ELLI project, Ecole Polytechnique/LULI will organize the training course "Dispersion / Stretcher / Compressor characterization for ultra-intense lasers"
Dates: May, 28th to June ,1st 2018

Location: Ecole Polytechnique - Laboratoire LULI - Route de Saclay, 91128 Palaiseau - France.
This high-level training course includes 50% of hands on and demo. Registration is now open, space is limited, so please register early by sending an email to

Reminder of rules and conditions:
* Only staff members and students from the IT-ELLI project partners are eligible to take part.
* Must be of a minimum of 5 days (excluding travel days) to be eligible.
* Flat rates are provided for each participant as follows:
* For travel costs: 275 EUR for journeys of under 2000km (according to the EU's distance calculator), and 360 EUR for journeys of 2000km and over.
* For costs of stay: 100 EUR per day for teachers/trainers and 55 EUR per day for students/learners


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