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  ELI-NP at World Exhibition Astana 2017

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Press monitoring - Romania's Day at EXPO Astana 2017
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RRA - Proiectul celui mai puternic laser din lume, la Expozitia Mondiala de la Astana - 31.07.2017
RRA - Declaratie a directorului clusterului de la Magurele, membru al delegatiei Romaniei la Expo Astana 2017, Dragos Seuleanu - 31.07.2017
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RRA - Ministerul de externe Teodor Melescanu consideră că prezenta României la Astana confirma potentialul romanesc in ceea ce priveste energia - 28.07.2017
RRA - Echipa de cercetători de la Proiectul laserului de mare putere de la Magurele face prima prezentare oficiala a sistemului la Astana - 27.07.2017
RRA - Probleme la zi - 27.07.2017
RRA - Agenda globala - Premiul pentru MHTC - 18.07.2017

The international exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 themed "Future Energy" opened on June 10 in the capital city of Kazakhstan, with the organisers expecting over five million visitors from all over world, the official website of the fair informs.

The specialized event runs between June 10 - September 10, 2017, and is expected to be one of the most spectacular cultural venues of 2017, with the exhibition stretching on 25 hectares and joining over 110 exhibiting countries.

The Magurele-based ELI-NP high-power laser facility is the national 'flagship' at Astana EXPO 2017, as it is the most important investment in Romanian research, iconic of the Romanian science and laser technology.

The central element of our country’s pavilion at the Expo Astana 2017 presents an ensemble of 3 scale models: the ELI-NP research infrastructure, the first Romanian laser (and fourth in the world, invented by I. Agarbiceanu in 1962), and the VVR-S Nuclear Reactor model (under decommisioning process), all accompanied by videos and power-point presentations.

Throughout the exhibition, the ELI-NP specialists will deliver special presentations, according to the following schedule:

Mitica Dragusin
June 28 - Romanian Pavilion
"Romanian Experience in Decommissioning the Nuclear Research Reactor"

Razvan Stefan
July 24 - EUDEL event
"Geothermal resources for HVAC loads in ELI-NP facility. Analysis of energy behavior and consumption"

Nicolae-Victor Zamfir
July 28 - Romanian Pavilion
"ELI-NP: Present Status and Perspectives"

Dan Ghita
July 29 Romanian Pavilion
"New Technologies Generated by High-Power Laser and Brilliant Gamma Beam"

Dragos Seuleanu
July 30 - Romanian Pavilion
"ELI-NP: a New Model of Business Based on Advanced Research. Business Opportunities"

Ovidiu Tesileanu
August 14 - Romanian Pavilion
Societal Applications & Benefits of Nuclear Physics (I)

Mitică Dragusin
August 15 - Romanian Pavilion
Societal Applications & Benefits of Nuclear Physics (II)


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