The funding of the ELI-NP project from Structural Funds was approved by the European Commission




  The ELI-NP Management Team during the Implementation Phase

Project Director: Prof. Dr. Nicolae-Victor Zamfir

Scientific Director: Prof. Dr. Kazuo A. Tanaka

Technical Director: Dr. Calin Alexandru Ur

Quality and Oversight Director: Dr. Ionel Andrei

Legal & HR Director: Raluca Stoicea

Economic Director: Ec. Alexandru Popescu


Domnica Neagu
Catalina Oprea

IT Department

Florin Raducu

Equipment and Experiments

Dr. Ioan Dancus
Head of Research Activity 1 ("High-Power Laser System")
Dr. Marian Toma
Head of Research Activity 2 ("High-Brilliance Gamma Beam")
Dr. Dan Stutman
Head of Research Activity 3 ("Nuclear Physics with High-Power Lasers")
Dr. Dimiter Balabanski
Head of Research Activity 4 ("Nuclear Physics and Applications with high-brilliance gamma-beams")
Dr. Ovidiu Tesileanu
Head of Research Activity 5 ("Fundamental Physics with combined laser and gamma beams")

The ELI-NP team is in a continuous process of development, which will continue throughout the implementation phase of the project.

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