The funding of the ELI-NP project from Structural Funds was approved by the European Commission




  ELI-NP location and maps

ELI-NP location

ELI-NP is conveniently located in Magurele, 6 km south of Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Bucharest is the most prosperous city in Romania and a cultural, industrial and financial center. It offers cheaper real estate and accommodations compared with other major European cities and is one of the main transportation hubs of Eastern Europe. The city has big convention facilities, international educational institutions, cultural venues, boutique and large shopping centers, recreational areas in and around Bucharest, including 27 museums and many parks, lakes and woods.
A number of international festivals from May through September take place each year in the city contributing to its vibrant cultural and artistic life. Bucharest has a pleasant climate with mild winters and very warm summers with low humidity, which allow ample sports and outdoor activities. Its position in the southeast of Romania offers easy access to resorts at Black Sea and the Carpathian Mountains through Prahova Valley.

Getting to ELI-NP by public transport
There is a good connection between the airport and ELI-NP, using the 780 and 781 bus lines, both of them having as final station Gara Basarab. Every 30 minutes, a 781 bus leaves Gara Basarab station, with ELI-NP as destination. (781 schedule towards ELI-NP / 781 schedule from ELI-NP)

By the way, Gara Basarab is an important metro hub, and it is placed just near the main train station of Bucharest, Gara de Nord. There is also another connection with the metro on the way, the 781 bus station named Spitalul Universitar is very well placed, just near Eroilor Metro station.

... or coming by car
Depending on the route: you will pass over the bridge (4) if you are coming from Bucharest, or under it if coming from the Ring road (Eastbound or Westbound). After 100 m, you will enter a roundabout (3) and you should take left (third exit). After a few hundred meters, passing through a forest, there is a street going right, just after it.
Follow the road (orange dotted on the map below) and there you are, in ELI-NP Parking (0).

GPS Coordinates: 44.349117820187026, 26.049731969833374
Address: No. 30, Reactorului Street, Magurele, jud. Ilfov, Romania


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