Gamma System Department

"Gamma System Department" is dedicated to the development and operation of a high flux, high brilliance, monochromatic, energy tunable gamma-beam production system based on laser inverse Compton scattering off relativistic electron bunches.

The Gamma Beam System at ELI-NP defines a new state–of–the–art gamma beam facility. It will provide gamma beams with energy continuously tunable between 200 keV and 19.5 MeV, relative bandwidth better than 0.5% and a spectral density higher than 0.5 x 103 photons/s/eV.

Marian TOMA Dr. Marian TOMA Head of "Gamma Driven Experiments Department" CV /Info
# Name Position Info
2 Stephan TZENOV Senior Researcher
3 Simona BARUȚĂ (ILIE) PhD Student
4 Gabriel TURTURICA PhD Student
5 Piotr TRACZ Engineer
6 Alexandru BOIANU Electronics Engineer
7 Emil UDUP Mechanical Engineer
8 Frangil RAMIREZ Controls Engineer
9 Guangling CHEN Controls Engineer
10 Adrian MANTSCH Physicist
11 Alfio PAPPARARDO Physicist
11 Octavian SIMA Physicist
12 Alexandru MIHAI Technician
13 Cristian PAUN Technician
14 Ewa TRACZ Department Assistant
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