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  Research Activities - RA1 - High-Power Laser System

The High Power Laser System (HPLS) and the Laser Beam Transport System LBTS are key components of the ELI-NP facility. These systems together allow creation and delivery of the required laser pulses to the experimental areas where the experiments take place.

The Research Activity 1 (RA1) group's task is to follow up and provide support for the implementation of the HPLS and LBTS and their integration within the ELI-NP research facility.

The HPLS consists in two Laser arms, capable of delivering laser pulses at six outputs: 2x 0.1PW@10Hz, 2x 1PW@1Hz and 2x 10PW @1/min repetition rate.

Figure 1: The HPLS, the laser engine of the starship Enterprise (aka ELI-NP), "To explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before"...

The LBTS is made of meter-large aperture adjustable mirrors installed in a vacuum system of pipes and enclosures that are able to direct the Laser pulses to the required experimental setups with micrometric accuracy.

The systems are operated and monitored using specialized hardware and software interfaces. The operation of HPLS and LBTS is done under controlled environmental conditions in terms of air quality and vibration that have to meet specified parameters.

The RA1 group capability and skill set covers a wide range of competencies form different domains such as optics, physics, IT, electronics, vacuum and others by technicians, engineers and researchers.


Ioan DANCUS   Head of RA1   CV / Publications
Razvan DABU   Research Scientist   CV / Publications
Daniel URSESCU   Research Scientist   CV / Publications
Robert SCHMELZ   Engineer  
Bertrand de BOISDEFFRE   Engineer  
Dragos DUMITRESCU   Engineer  
Loredana CARATAS   Engineer  
Mihai MERISANU   Engineer  
Masruri MASRURI   Postdoctoral Research Assistant  
Octavian DANILA   Postdoctoral Research Assistant  
Radu SECAREANU   Junior Engineer  
Tiberius GEORGESCU   Junior Engineer  
Adrian TOADER   Junior Engineer  
Riccardo FABBRI   Physicist  
Nicolae STAN   Technician  
Alina CARANICA   Secretary  

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