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  Research Activities - RA2 - High-Brilliance Gamma Beam

Research Activity 2 - "High brilliance gamma beams" is dedicated to the development and operation of a high flux, high brilliance, monochromatic, energy tuneable gamma-beam production system based on laser inverse Compton scattering off relativistic electron bunches.


Calin A. UR   Head of RA2 - Research Scientist I   CV / Publications
Stephan TZENOV   Research Scientist II  
Marian TOMA   RA2 Deputy - Research Scientist III   CV / Publications
Dorina ARANGHEL   Research Scientist III   CV / Publications
Alexandru BOIANU   Engineer  
Guangling CHEN   Engineer   CV / Publications
Mihai CIUBANCAN   Engineer  
Alexandru IMREH   Engineer  
Cristian PETCU   Engineer   CV / Publications
Bogdan TATULEA   Engineer  
Piotr TRACZ   Engineer   CV / Publications
Emil UDUP   Engineer  
Cornel Dinu CIRDEI   Electrical Engineer  
Alfio PAPPALARDO   Physicist  
Iani MITU   Postdoctoral Research Assistant  
Gabriel TURTURICA   PhD Student  
Valeriu BUZNEA   Technician  
Ioan GARAGAIANU   Technician  

Previous members

Cristian SAVLOVSCHI   Engineer  
Teodor DOGARU   Postdoctoral Research Assistant  
Marcel CONDE   Postdoctoral Research Assistant  
Cristian PAUN   Postdoctoral Research Assistant  
Violeta IANCU   Research Scientist III  
Gabriel SULIMAN   Research Scientist III  

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