The funding of the ELI-NP project from Structural Funds was approved by the European Commission




  Research Activities

The scientific and technological development activities are distributed in five Research Activities each of them aiming to realization of a significant part of the new Research Infrastructure.

The major systems are the High-Power Laser System (Research Activity 1) and High-Brilliance Gamma Source (Research Activity 2), both with specifications well beyond existing facilities and offering, through their combination, unique features among all the other world-wide planned facilities.

The directions of research to be studies at the new facility, mainly in the field of nuclear physics and its applications, are grouped in three other Research Activities. Strong local teams, continuously growing during implementation phase, will develop state-of-the-art instrumentation for experiments in the emerging field of laser-driven nuclear physics.

The five Research Activities emerged naturally, as a logical division between the R&D related to the experimental systems and the research pursued employing them, during the debates within the scientific community.

Research Activity 1: High-Power Laser System

Research Activity 2: High-Brilliance Gamma Beam

Research Activity 3: Nuclear Physics with High-Power Lasers

Research Activity 4: Nuclear Physics and Applications with high-brilliance gamma-beams

Research Activity 5: Fundamental Physics with combined laser and gamma beams

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