Workshop Topics:

  • • Positron transport and beam technology
  • • Pulsed positron beams and positron traps
  • • Defect profiling in bulk and layered structures
  • • Nano structures, porous materials & thin films
  • • Surface and interface analysis
  • • Positronium formation, emission and beams
  • • Positron & positronium interactions with atoms and molecules
  • • Many positrons and anti-hydrogen
  • • Improvement of experimental techniques

International Advisory Committee:

G. Amarendra (India)
M.-F. Barthe (France)
R.S. Brusa (Italy)
S. Buckman (Australia)
D. Cassidy (UK)
C. Corbel (France)
M. Fujinami (Japan)
C. Hugenschmidt (Germany)
R. Krause-Rehberg (Germany)
K. Lynn (USA)
H. Schut (Netherland)
R. Suzuki (Japan)
F. Tuomisto (Finland)
A. Weiss (USA)

Organizing Committee:

N. Djourelov (ELI-NP)
A. Oprisa (ELI-NP)
V. Leca (ELI-NP)
D. Dinescu (ELI-NP)

Important dates:

October 2018 - First Circular


The workshop will be held in Bucharest at one of the conference halls available at the hotels near the historical part of the city.

Corresponding contact

Nikolay Djourelov
PhD, Senior Researcher,
Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics
Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering
30 Reactorului Street, P.O. Box MG-6,
077125 Magurele, Ilfov county, ROMANIA