The Special Building consists of the Laser Hall, the VEGA System Hall, Experimental Areas and Laboratories and Workshops area. The design includes cutting-edge technological solutions for scientific equipment with special requirements, such as vibration damping system consisting of 976 springs and dampers holding a 120.000 tons reinforced concrete platform (1.5 m thick), clean rooms (ISO 7 class), radiation protection and shielding from the electromagnetic pulses, and a state-of-the-art geothermal HVAC system. The entire ELI-NP facility covers an area of approximately 33,000 m2 of high quality, energy efficient building. Also, the platform was designed and realized according to a vibration criteria of less than 1 micron at a frequency lower than 10 Hz. The total heatload is 4.2 MW and the cooling load of 6MW.

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