Welcome to IMPULSE workshop: standardization of metrology procedures for lasers and secondary sources (STAMPLASS 2023)

ELI-NP Training and Conference Center, Magurele, Romania / 21-23 March 2023
The availability of reliable solutions and accepted protocols for the metrology of high-peak power, high-repetition rate lasers and the secondary sources derived from them is critical both for the operation of the ELI Facilities and for enabling excellent research and user access at ELI.

The IMPULSE Workshop STAMPLASS 2023 is covering two main subjects:
  • the review of procedures and processes guaranteeing consistency in Extreme Light Infrastructure metrology. The identified standard diagnostics will be available for implementation at the ELI Facilities.
  • Exchange of experience with the community stakeholders (other research infrastructures, users' networks, industrial partners) on the standard diagnostics for the high-peak-power lasers, including possibly involvement of external laboratories to test and benchmark the identified diagnostics

  • Main Topics:

    • Laser metrology
    • Electron metrology
    • Gamma metrology
    • THz metrology
    • Proton & ion metrology
    • X-ray metrology
    • XUV metrology

    Contact Info

    Chair: Dr. Daniel URSESCU

    Secretary: Domnica NEAGU / Alexandra CARLIG

    Phone: +40 (0)37.467.63.56