The first section of ELI-NP's Laser Beam Transport System (LBTS) successfully installed!


The first section of the LBTS, which connects the laser room to the experimental areas, was successfully completed. The LBTS will transport the 10 PW pulses from the two arms of the High Power Laser System (HPLS) through the technical corridor to the experimental areas E1, E6 and E7, where laser-driven nuclear physics and strong field quantum electrodynamics experiments will be performed. The LBTS is an essential component for E6 experiments in particular, as it hosts the vacuum tube for the 30 m long focusing mirror. The vacuum pumping system, which will secure a residual vacuum pressure smaller than 10-6 mbar, was also installed in the basement. The additional 1 PW beam transport line, which will be used for these experimental areas, was installed as well, and now undergoes vacuum leak tests.

Alsyom, one of the best laser systems companies in the world - it contributed to the construction of sections of the Laser Integration Line (LIL) of the Laser Megajoule Project in France - is in charge with the manufacturing and installation of ELI-NP'[s Laser Beam Transport System vacuum parts and support equipment. This is state-of-the-art equipment and technology in line with best practices in the field. The LBTS is being implemented according to schedule and is expected to enter operation before the end of the year.

"It is incredibly exciting to see the best technology in the world coming to Romania for this project! We are looking forward to the first experiments!" Daniel Ursescu, Researcher in the HPLS Research Area, ELI-NP.