Special Awards for ELI-NP team


Academician Nicolae Victor Zamfir, the leader of the Laser team and the doctoral student Dragos Seuleanu, Manager of the Department of technological knowledge transfer and communication / promotion from ELI-NP, received from the National Association of Exporters and Importers in Romania special diplomas for a world premiere in our country and for their efforts to impose a very important Romanian project.
The team of Academician Zamfir, made up of researchers, engineers and managers has transformed the Laser from the Magurele into the World's Most Powerful Laser. Through intelligence, perseverance, hard work and continuous professional training for over 50 years, the School of Physics in Magurele managed to bring Romania from the fourth place in the world in 1962 in the situation of generating the strongest beam of light. The distinction crowns the success of a very rare step in Central and Eastern Europe: reversing the process of intellectual migration in Romania and attracting to the M?gurele Laser project some of the most talented minds from over 25 countries, including young physicists from Romania, working at universities and laboratories around the world.
Through innovative promotional solutions on the Romanian and US market, the management team at ELI-NP has partnered with the respected American think tank in the field of advanced research stimulation - Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. - and directly addressed some of the largest profile funding agencies of the US Federal Government, achieving results above initial expectations. Basically, from this year the first concrete projects of direct collaboration with the American side were launched.