First milestone accomplished in the implementation of the VEGA System


Lyncean Technologies, Inc completed Stage I of the contract for the Variable Energy Gamma-ray (VEGA) System under construction at ELI-NP. The Final Technical Design Report of the VEGA System was approved by ELI-NP on April 27, 2020 after an extensive review.

With VEGA System implementation in 2023, ELI-NP will operate the highest-energy electron accelerator in Romania and a unique combination of electron storage ring system and high-gain optical cavity. The VEGA linear accelerator consists of five modules of acceleration structures designed to add up to a maximum energy of 800 MeV. Electrons from the linear accelerator are then injected into the storage ring. Gamma ray photons are generated by backscattering of laser pulses generated in the optical cavity off relativistic electron bunches circulating inside the storage ring.
The VEGA System at ELI-NP, operational from 2023, establishes a new state-of-the-art gamma beam facility in Romania and in the world. It will provide gamma beams with continuously tunable energy between 1 and 19.5 MeV, relative bandwidth better than 0.5%, linear polarization of the beam better than 95%, and a spectral density higher than 5 x 103 photons/s/eV.