First components for the VEGA System delivered at ELI-NP in February


Lyncean Technologies, Inc (LTI) completed the first three deliveries of components for Stage II of the contract for the Variable Energy Gamma-ray (VEGA) System under construction at ELI-NP.

LINAC Klystron 1, LINAC Klystron 2, and the Radio Frequency (RF) Electron Source Subsystem were delivered on site at ELI-NP during February 2021.

The RF electron source, designed and assembled by Lyncean at their facility in California, USA, generates electrons from a photocathode illuminated by an injector laser system. The system is driven by a 7.5 MW klystron. The electron beam leaves the RF electron source assembly with an energy of 13 MeV.

RF electron source head inside the transport crate as delivered at ELI-NP