MoU with thematic in the field of research and development was signed between IFIN-HH and SCK-CEN


The purpose of the agreement is to establish a scientific framework for the development of research projects of common interest between two large-scale research institutes from Romania and Belgium, respectively the National Research and Development Institute for Nuclear Physics and Engineering "Horia Hulubei" ( IFIN-HH) and SCK-CEN Belgian Nuclear Research Center.
IFIN-HH implements the ELI-NP project which aims to use extreme electromagnetic radiation for research mainly in the field of nuclear physics and related applications. At ELI-NP, lasers operate in ultra-short pulses with the highest power achieved so far in the world, 10 PW. The high-power lasers at ELI-NP open up unprecedented opportunities in basic research and medical and industrial applications.
SCK-CEN is a public utility foundation having the mission to carry out research and development in the field of nuclear physics research, innovation, education, communication and to provide services in the perspective of sustainable development. SCK-CEN has been designated by the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna as the International Center of Expertise in Nuclear Reactors (ICERR). The institute is currently implementing the MYRRHA project, the world's first accelerator-based reactor project at power levels scalable to industrial systems. MYRRHA offers unparalleled research opportunities in spent nuclear fuel treatment, nuclear medicine, and fundamental and applied physics.

Through this agreement, the two research institutes undertake to collaborate in order to develop the following themes:

  • collaboration and promotion of the large MYRRHA/MINERVA and ELI-NP/RIF@IFIN research units;
  • development of common technologies for these installations;
  • development of joint scientific programs for fundamental and applied research using these infrastructures.