Debate on the STEM field and women in Romania


On Friday, November 25, 2022, in the presence of the Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization, Mr. Sebastian Burduja, at the Otetelesanu Mansion on the Magurele Platform took place the debate on "What is the current situation of education in Romania? The STEM field and women in Romania. Responsible investments. Sustainable Development".

Organized by the Association of Women in Engineering, Science and Technology (AFIST) in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Nuclear Electrica and Magurele City Hall, the meeting aimed to analyze the situation and the challenges facing the education system from the post-pandemic perspective and to identify specific solutions to the reported problems. An important point of the discussion was the section dedicated to the presence of women in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), in correlation with the expectations and needs of human resources in the field.

The ELI-NP director, Dr. Calin Alexandru Ur, reiterated on this occasion the opening of the research infrastructure for the involvement of young people in top research and full support for an inclusive and quality education, able to ensure the necessary conditions for a sustainable development of the society. In this context it was mentioned the Doctoral School of "Engineering and Applications of Lasers and Accelerators" that was founded at the Magurele Platform on the partnership established among the Politehnica University of Bucharest, the National Research and Development Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering "Horia Hulubei", the Institute National Institute of Research and Development for the Physics of Lasers, Plasma and Radiation and the National Research and Development Institute for the Physics of Materials, in order to support the continuous professional development of young researchers.