1st ELI-NP User Workshop ! October 7th-11th, 2019 @ Magurele


The ELI-NP project is getting close to its final goal - becoming the most advanced user research facility in the world in the field of physics with high power lasers and photonuclear physics! In preparation for ELI-NP's transition to user-facility status, the first User Workshop will bring together the international scientific community of future users in order to discuss the implementation stage of the facility and new proposals for experiments.
Between 7 and 11 October 2019, ELI-NP will host in Magurele more than 40 researchers and scientists with expertise and interest in the field. The majority is comming from abroad, joining us from the world's most prestigious universities and institutes:

  • The Institute of Laser Engineering and the Research Centre for Nuclear Physics (Osaka University), The Kansai Photon Science Institute (The National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology), Kyoto University and Hiroshima University, from Japan;
  • University of California San Diego, University of Connecticut, Rutgers University Newark, University of Rochester, University of Michigan, Ohio State University and The Naval Research Laboratory, from the US;
  • The School of Physics and Astronomy (Tel Aviv University), from Israel;
  • Queen's University (Belfast), Brunel University (London), Sheffield Hallam University, University of York, University of Strathclyde Glasgow, Technical University Darmstadt, The Institute for Nuclear Physics - University of Cologne, Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich), Helmholtz Centre (Dresden-Rossendorf), the Institute for Laser and Plasma Physics - Düsseldorf, the Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Science, and University of Warsaw, from Europe.
  • Some of the participants will come from sister institutes in Romania, like the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (Magurele), the National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies (Cluj) and Victor Babes National Institute of Pathology (Bucharest).

  • Once the commissioning of the facility is completed, most of the available beam-time will be allocated to external users - institutions and teams of scientists - based on a peer-reviewed selection process of proposals for experiments and decided upon by an international scientific committee.

    Visit the website: http://www.eli-np.ro/1st_user_workshop/