Dosimetry Engineer/Physicist

Technical Division

    Scope of work:
  • The Dosimetry Engineer/Physicist will work in the Technical Division, the Dosimetry Laboratory, and will collaborate with the ELI-NP radioprotection team for implementing, operating and maintaining the dosimetry monitoring systems
  • Main Responsabilities:
    Main Tasks:
      Within the Technical Division, in the Dosimetry Laboratory of the ELI-NP research infrastructure the Dosimetry Engineer/Physicist will have the following duties:
    • Taking dosimeters from users each month to check the number and individual allocation of dosimeters
    • Preparing personal dosimeters and drawing up the database with correspondence between userís name and dosimetersí series
    • Takes part in the procedure of reading the dosimeters
    • Takes part in carrying out the procedures for the authorization of the Dosimetry Laboratory
    • Will draft the technical documentations for obtaining the permits necessary for operation in accordance with the legislation in force
    • Will operate the equipment for measuring and recording the doses for the occupationally exposed personnel
    • Takes part in etching the dosimeters: weighing chemical substances, dissolving them in compliance with the procedures, washing and drying the dosimeters
    • Fills in the database each month with the doses resulting from the measurements in order to write reports
    • Records orders and/or contracts
    • Writes the following reports and records them chronologically:
    • - Monthly issued reports
    • - Reports on the dose limits exceeded
    • - Reports on accidental exposure and emergency situations
    • Archives documents and records regarding the half-yearly checking of the archived records status
    • Performs measurements and records temperature and humidity values, the radiation background in the Dosimetry Laboratory
    • Records the activities regarding the periodic maintenance of equipment including the periodic calibration of dosimetry systems
    • Records non-conforming activities
    • Plans the supply of consumable materials necessary to carry out the activity and reports this planning to the leader of the Dosimetry Laboratory
    • Urgently informs the Leader of the Dosimetry Laboratory when technical problems occur which exceed his/her limits of competence
    • Attends professional training courses to learn new knowledge
    Professional background:
    • Specialized training: higher education in engineering/physics/chemistry
    • General knowledge of dosimetry measuring and control tools and devices
    • Knowledge of computer operation and text editors
    • Ability to set priorities and plan tasks with results in mind
    • Ability to adapt quickly and resourcefully to shifting priorities and requirements
    • Fluent in English
    • Proven teamwork experience and efficient communication and collaboration skills
    Working arrangements/Conditions of employment:
    • Full time position, based in Bucharest - Magurele, Romania .
    • Included: private medical coverage, paid annual leave.
    • Motivating salary, at European level, based on qualifications and experience.
    • The candidate should be available to travel abroad for scientific collaboration at various research infrastructures, for part of their time.
    The applications shall be accompanied by the documents requested in the Rules of Selection for this position.
    The applications shall be sent to the Human Resources Department at