Cybersecurity Infrastructure Engineer / L1+ Analyst / Specialist

Cyber Security Compartment

    Scope of work:
    This Cybersecurity Professional plays an important role in the cybersecurity engineering and operations activities at ELI-NP, especially when it comes to non-Microsoft-based systems and solutions. He/she is involved in the design, implementation and operation of endpoint security and of the related identity and access management capabilities. Furthermore, he/she is expected to develop, carry out and enhance cybersecurity operations in areas related to security monitoring & analytics, proactive security or digital forensics/incident response, and to technically support cybersecurity capability and asset management within ELI-NP, as well as change/configuration management and knowledge management.
    Main Responsabilities:
    • Ensuring the security of endpoints/systems (primarily of those that are not Microsoft-based) by supporting and participating in the design, implementation and operation of the related capabilities in the ELI-NP cybersecurity architecture
    • Providing endpoint-security-focused expertise and support for implementing and operating the identity and access management capabilities in the ELI-NP cybersecurity architecture
    • From the perspective of non-Microsoft-focused endpoint/system security, performing and supporting activities pertaining to cybersecurity operations in areas such as:
      - Log management & monitoring;
      - Security Information & Event Management (SIEM);
      - Malware hunting;
      - Security assessment & testing;
      - Incident management & response;
      - Digital forensics
      as well as implementing, operating and sharpening up the associated technical and procedural resources
    • Participating in the development, execution and continual update of the policies, procedures and technical aspects pertaining to cybersecurity capability management, as well as to change/configuration management, from the perspective of non-Microsoft-focused endpoint/system security
    • Implementing, operating and continually improving the policies, procedures and technical aspects pertaining to cybersecurity knowledge management, as well as information classification and handling
    • Providing expertise and technical support for implementing, operating, securing and maintaining the VMware-based computing, storage and virtualisation infrastructure elements required for the cybersecurity organisational entity and its operations, as well as the backup & recovery infrastructure therefor
    • Participating in cybersecurity event/incident response, investigation and post-factum analysis activities
    • Carrying out technical capability/technology/product/solution analysis and evaluation activities as part of the supply chain, as well as other specific cybersecurity development activities
    • Ensuring individual and collective cybersecurity knowledge refresh, acquisition and transfer, as well as threat landscape updates, through technical, conceptual and literature research and review
    • Main Tasks:
        Professional background:
        • Higher education graduate, in a field relevant for this position (e.g. computer science / informatics, electronics, telecommunications, engineering, etc.). If the higher education completed belongs to other fields than the aforementioned ones, a cybersecurity certification (vendor-specific or not) is required
        • Minimum three (3) years of experience in the field of cyber/information security (engineering, operations or forensics), in an enterprise, governmental, research or similar (incl. project-based) environment
        • Practical experience in securing non-Microsoft-based endpoints, systems and/or solutions
        • Endpoint/system security knowledge and experience implementing and operating techniques, technologies and capabilities such as:
          - (Non-Microsoft) Client/server operating system baselining and hardening;
          - Endpoint protection (e.g. next generation anti-virus, etc.);
          - Endpoint vulnerability scanning
        • Knowledge of and practical experience with operating system security measures and/or logging mechanisms is considered a big plus
        • Practical experience in implementing, operating and/or maintaining non-Microsoft virtualization and/or storage technologies (VMware), knowledge management platforms (Jira, Confluence) and/or networking equipment (HPE/Aruba) represents a plus
        • Experience in integrating and correlating elements as those mentioned above in log management / monitoring or SIEM solutions represents an advantage.
        • Knowledge of and ability to blend relevant commercial and open source cybersecurity tools/resources
        • Certifications in the aforementioned areas (vendor-specific or not) are considered an asset. Furthermore, an out of the box thinking and/or an adversarial mindset are highly appreciated
        • Ability to handle complex tasks, complex analytical skills, proven ability to solve problems, ability to deliver when working under tight deadlines
        • Good interpersonal skills, a strong team spirit and a result-oriented attitude
        • Good English skills (writing and speaking)
        Working arrangements/Conditions of employment:
        • Full time position, based in Bucharest - Magurele, Romania .
        • Included: private medical coverage, paid annual leave.
        • Motivating salary, at European level, based on qualifications and experience.
        • The candidate should be available to travel abroad for scientific collaboration at various research infrastructures, for part of their time.
        • Part of a dynamic, well-structured, savvy and autonomous team operating with full Leadership support and with clear objectives in an international and friendly environment;
        • Rare opportunity to tackle the cybersecurity challenges of a world-leading scientific project and of a complex environment going way beyond the ‘usual’ IT office/enterprise landscape and that interlaces Operational Technologies / Industrial Control Systems, data acquisition systems, scientific computing resources and building management systems.
        • A chance to develop one’s career and to make a difference by analysing, designing, implementing and/or operating some of the newest cybersecurity capabilities within a robust and modern framework.
        The applications shall be accompanied by the documents requested in the Rules of Selection for this position.
        The applications shall be sent to the Human Resources Department at