IT Specialist - Leader of IT Compartment

IT Compartment

    Scope of work:
  • The IT Specialist - Leader of IT Compartment is in charge with defining the strategy, the architecture, implementing, operating, monitoring and proactively managing the IT infrastructure at ELI-NP. The IT Specialist - Leader of IT Compartment coordinates the IT activities at ELI-NP and all activities related to the sound operation of the hardware, software and communications infrastructure at ELI-NP; Coordinates the activities for the provision of specialized technical services to support the major systems of the facility, as well as the ELI-NP experimental programme; Identifies research and development possibilities in advanced computing specific to the research activities at ELI-NP
  • Main Responsabilities:
    Main Tasks:
    • Coordinates the IT compartment at ELI-NP
    • Ensures the best operation of the hardware, software and communications infrastructure at ELI-NP
    • Ensures timely performance of all IT infrastructure updates and maintenance
    • Organises the design and implementation of the IT (hardware, software and communications) infrastructure expansion operations according to the future needs of ELI-NP
    • Manages breakdowns across the entire IT infrastructure at ELI-NP
    • Drafts all forms required for managing the IT infrastructure in keeping with the ELI-NP procedures
    • Develops policies and rules for using the IT infrastructure by the ELI-NP employees and makes sure they are known and abided by
    • Coordinates the drafting of documents necessary for purchasing new hardware and software components and follows them up during the public procurement process
    • Takes part in the public procurement commissions, evaluates technical offers and monitors that the deliverables intended for the IT compartment and the IT infrastructure are compliant with the ELI-NP requirements
    • Collaborates with the Heads of Departments to identify the current and future needs of the IT infrastructure for scientific computing at ELI-NP
    • Defines the strategy for implementing a scientific computing structure at ELI-NP
    • Collaborates with the ELI-NP research personnel to develop and implement the computing infrastructure necessary for research
    • Takes part in defining and developing the data acquisition, processing and storage systems for the experimental setups at ELI-NP
    • Coordinates the development and maintenance of ELI-NP webpages and internet services
    • Performs assessments and professional development plans for all IT compartment members at ELI-NP
    • Attends professional training (courses, seminars, etc.) to learn new knowledge
    • Uses the protective equipment according to the specific nature of the work, as instructed by the OHS inspector and the assigned OHS workers, in the user manuals or the work procedures and in keeping with the risk assessment for his/her workplace
    • Attends the general or specific Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Protection and Suppression or Civil Protection training;
    • Abides by the Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Protection and Suppression and Civil Protection rules
    • Abides by the legal and institutional regulations on data and information secret and confidentiality
    • Abides by the procedures, rules of the institute and legal regulations in force and informs his/her manager if noticing breaches
    • Complies with the Technical Director's instructions
    • Is accountable for the use of the equipment he/she manages under safety and economic conditions
    • Is accountable for fulfilling precisely and in due course the tasks and the job duty provisions set out in this form and in the annex to the job description
    Professional background:
    • Higher education graduate with a degree in engineering, computer science of information technology
    • Experience in coordinating IT implementation teams
    • Experience with the specific operation of IT departments
    • Experience with the operation of intensive scientific computing infrastructures
    • Minimum 5 years of IT experience
    • Fluent in English
    • Good interpersonal skills, strong team spirit and result-oriented attitude, as well as capability to deliver when working under tight deadlines
    • Ability to set new standards for quality, performance or productivity
    Working arrangements/Conditions of employment:
    • Full time position, based in Bucharest - Magurele, Romania .
    • Included: private medical coverage, paid annual leave.
    • Motivating salary, at European level, based on qualifications and experience.
    • The candidate should be available to travel abroad for scientific collaboration at various research infrastructures, for part of their time.
    The applications shall be accompanied by the documents requested in the Rules of Selection for this position.
    The applications shall be sent to the Human Resources Department at