Doctoral Research Assistant (LGED Biophysics group)

Laser Gamma Experiments Department

    Scope of work:
  • The PhD student (Doctoral research assistant) will develop new structural-biology based biomolecular characterisation methods in the LGED biophysics group at ELI-NP under the supervision of a senior researcher. The scope of the position is to develop biomolecular characterisation applications and assist with development of instrumentation in the framework of the scientific research in the LGED biophysics group at ELI-NP. The PhD student will also assist with the implementation of the experimental setup and the preparatory work in the ELI-NP laboratories
  • In the operational phase, the PhD student will participate to the implementation and operation of research equipment and implementation of the scientific strategy of ELI-NP
  • Main Responsabilities:
  • Building high level theoretical background in the field of their PhD thesis
  • Completing the PhD thesis in due time
  • Participating in the development of new methods for Electron Spin Resonance, Magnetic Resonance and Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation-based characterisation methods for molecular effects of radiation at ELI-NP
  • Characterisation of biomolecules and biomolecular interactions
  • Preparation of technical specifications and implementation of instrumentation and preparation of experiments
  • Implementation of the Technical Design Report for experiments and definition of experimental arrangements in the field of biophysics at ELI-NP (Laser-TDR4) and the program of the biophysics group (Asavei et al., Rom. Rep. Phys. 2016, Asavei et al., Med Phys 2019)
  • Assistance with the procurement of necessary instrumentation, laboratory material and consumables
  • Spectroscopic characterization of the biomolecular effects of radiation, mainly by magnetic resonance, dynamic nuclear polarisation, electron spin resonance, and UV-Vis
  • Development of areas dedicated to experiments and laboratories for biological applications within ELI-NP
  • Main Tasks:
    • Specific tasks for the development of ELI-NP within LGED: - participates in the development of the biophysics laboratory and the framework for ELI-NP users for biological applications; - helps to implement experimental setups, especially for biophysics applications, in the ELI-NP experimental areas; - installation and adjustment of instrumentation - Protein overexpression and purification; - Protein and small molecule interactions experiments by magnetic resonance, electron spin resonance and dynamic nuclear polarisation;
    • Assistance for in-silico research on biomolecular interactions
    • Fulfilling specific tasks in a working group led by a senior researcher, assistance with administrative tasks
    • Characterization of molecules by NMR and other spectroscopies
    • Assistance in all instrument and experimental tasks
    • Participation in scientific meetings, conferences, training periods and collaborations abroad and at the national level
    • Assistance to ELI-NP users to study the biological effects of radiation
    Professional background:
    • Enrolled as PhD Student in Chemistry/Physics/Engineering in one of the scientific/technological areas of interest for ELI-NP
    • Excellent results obtained during the studies graduated
    • Strongly motivated to develop a scientific research career
    • Bachelor's degree in chemistry, physics or biology
    • Familiar with the spectroscopic applications pertaining to ELI-NP research relevant for biological studies;
    • Good knowledge of the physics and chemistry related to molecular structure and applications;
    • Fluency in English;
    • Demonstrated experience of teamwork and ability to communicate and collaborate effectively
    • Availability to travel and perform work and training stages abroad.
    Working arrangements/Conditions of employment:
    • Full time position, based in Bucharest - Magurele, Romania, for a period of 1 (one) year with the possibility of several successive extensions of one year, until completion of the PhD studies. .
    • Included: private medical coverage, paid annual leave.
    • Motivating salary, at European level, based on qualifications and experience.
    • The candidate should be available to travel abroad for scientific collaboration at various research infrastructures, for part of their time.
    The applications shall be accompanied by the documents requested in the Rules of Selection for this position.
    The applications shall be sent to the Human Resources Department at