Laser Driven Experiments Department

    Scope of work:
    The Engineer will work in the Laser Driven Experiments Department and will collaborate with the technical and experimental teams within the department for implementing, operating and maintaining the experimental systems.
    Main Responsabilities:
  • Building and commissioning the experimental systems within the Laser Driven Experiments Department and their ancillary installations
  • Building and commissioning the equipment and the setups for the instrumentation laboratories within the Laser Driven Experiments Department, including the Xgamma laboratory
  • Carrying out necessary procurement procedures for equipment within the Laser Driven Experiments Department
  • Main Tasks:
    • Coordinates and performs development works for experimental systems and their ancillary installations
    • Checks and operates experimental systems and their ancillary installations
    • Plans the implementation and construction works and coordinates himself/herself with the technical teams from various areas of responsibility (teams from other departments)
    • Takes part in building and commissioning the equipment and the setups for LDED laboratories, including the Xgamma laboratory
    • Monitors and performs the procedures associated with the equipment allocated
    • Draws up the documentation required for the procurement of the necessary components and equipment and takes part in all stages of the public procurement procedures
    • Ensures the conformity of the activities with the standards in the field
    • Participates in maintaining the performances of the ELI-NP equipment and systems to the desired level
    • Takes an active part in the technology development activities carried out at ELI-NP
    • Provides technical assistance upon the delivery-taking of various deliverables
    • Will draw up the technical documentation necessary for the operation and maintenance of the experimental systems
    • Will attend professional training courses for gaining new knowledge regarding the design of vacuum systems, command and control systems, particle accelerators and radiation generators
    • Will optimise the times for performing various works and their prioritization through direct discussions with the beneficiaries
    Professional background:
    • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Physics
    • Doctoral studies in physical science
    • Advanced knowledge of vacuum systems and pumps
    • Highly-developed technical mind, disciplined, positive and result-oriented, keen observer, punctual, responsible, fair, balanced, self-controlled, accurate information communicator, available for travelling abroad
    • Knowledge of particle accelerators, nuclear physics experimental setups and their ancillary systems
    • Advanced knowledge of ionizing radiation generators and detectors
    • Computer/programming skills: Microsoft Office, C++, Matlab, COMSOL, other data and image processing software
    • Ability to learn new, cutting-edge technologies
    • Ability to adapt quickly and flexibility in adjusting to priorities
    • Proven teamwork experience and efficient communication and collaboration skills
    • Fluent in English
    Working arrangements/Conditions of employment:
    • Full time position, based in Bucharest - Magurele, Romania .
    • Included: private medical coverage, paid annual leave.
    • Motivating salary, at European level, based on qualifications and experience.
    • The candidate should be available to travel abroad for scientific collaboration at various research infrastructures, for part of their time.
    The applications shall be accompanied by the documents requested in the Rules of Selection for this position.
    The applications shall be sent to the Human Resources Department at