Sunday - 24.06.2018


Monday - 25.06.2018

C. Barty      02.1 Ultrahigh intensity laser activities around the world
P. McKenna      02.2 Laser-driven ion acceleration
R. Hajima      02.3 Accelerator-based gamma sources: review and perspectives
A. Zilges      02.4 Photonuclear physics
K. Tanaka      04.1 Where does ELI-NP stand now?
C. Howell      05.1 Low-energy QCD research at HIγS
D. Savran      05.2 Investigation of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance with photon beams
V. Werner      05.3 Decay characteristics of the nuclear scissors mode from Compton-back-scattering
N. Tsoneva      05.4 Spectral features of Electric and Magnetic Dipole and Quadrupole Modes
A. Tamii      05.5 Electric Dipole Response of nuclei studied by proton scattering

Tuesday - 26.06.2018

C.H. Nam      06.1 Performance and applications of multi-PW laser at CoReLS
G. Cheriaux      06.2 Hybrid OPCPA/Glass 10 PW laser at 1 shot a minute
P. von Neumann-Cosel      07.1 Dipole Response in nuclei - Real vs. Virtual photon probes
F. Camera      07.2 Photonuclear studies with gamma beams
M. Krzysiek      07.3 Characterization of Giant Dipole Resonance excitation mode using photon probes at ELI-NP
O. Gorbachenko      07.4 Renewed database of GDR parameters of ground-state photoabsorption
I. Gheorghe      07.5 Photoneutron measurements for IAEA CRP on updating the current photonuclear data library
J. Koga      08.1 Progress towards calculating higher order Delbruck scattering and prospects for measurements
K. Spohr      08.3 Day-1 laser driven nuclear experiments at ELI-NP
A. Savelev      08.4 Near threshold photonuclear reactions with high intensity lasers
A. Arefiev      09.1 Leveraging extreme laser-driven magnetic fields for efficient generation of gamma-ray beams
T. Blackburn      09.3 Launching QED cascades in high-intensity laser pulses
Y. Nakamiya      09.4 Probing vacuum birefringence with 10 PW laser and 1 GeV gamma-rays at ELI-NP
W. Luo      09.5 Dense pair plasma generation and nonlinear QED physics with 10PW scale lasers

Wednesday - 27.06.2018

J. H. Shin      10.2 Development of electron accelerator and gamma-ray sources with 4-PW laser
J. Wheeler      10.2 Advancements in extreme laser pulse compression with applications for Nuclear Photonics
J. Fuchs      11.2 GENESIS: GEnerating extreme NEutrons for achieving controlled r-process nucleosyntheSIS
A. Yogo      11.4 Demonstration of neutron radiography driven by a single laser pulse
V. Bychenkov      11.5 Laser acceleration of charged particles from low-density targets for nuclear and gamma sources

Thursday - 28.06.2018

Y. Du      12.1 An overview of the activities of inverse Compton Scattering sources in China
S. Gales      12.2 New opportunities in Nuclear Physics and its applications with 2X10 PW Lasers and 20 MeV brilliant gamma beams
D. Mihalcea      12.4 High intensity monoenergetic Compton Backscattered gamma-ray source at Fermilab FAST facility
A. Murokh      12.5 Optical energy recovery Linac ICS gamma-ray source
S. Le Pape      13.1 Toward a burning plasma state using diamond ablator inertially confined fusion (ICF) implosions on the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
S. Regan      13.2 Laser-direct-drive inertial confinement fusion research on OMEGA
L. Giuffrida      13.4 New targets for enhancing pB nuclear fusion reaction at the PALS facility
S. Kar      14.1 Development and application of laser-driven neutron sources
M. Passoni      14.4 Enhanced laser-driven ion sources for nuclear and material science applications
J. Wilhelmy      15.1 Investigation of the gamma-ray strength function of 87Rb
M. Muescher      15.2 Study of the dipole response in 142Ce
T. Beck      15.4 Probing the E2 properties of the scissors mode with real photons
J. Silano      15.5 Validating the Bohr Hypothesis: measuring the energy evolution of fission-product yields from photon-induced fission of 240Pu
T. Ebisuzaki      15.6 Accreting intermediate mass blackhole in M82 starburst Galaxy: A ZeV linear accelerator for ultra high energy cosmic rays

Friday - 29.06.2018

H. Ohgaki      16.1 Demonstration of NRF-CT imaging by Laser Compton Backscattering gamma-rays in UVSOR
I. Carter      16.3 Non-destructive detection of gold in ores using gamma activation analysis
M. Guenther      16.4 Gamma-ray refractive lens systems for the MeV energy range
X. Davoine      16.5 Simulation of a brilliant betatron gamma-ray source from a two-stage wakefield accelerator
S. Miyamoto      16.6 Non-distructive inspection of material defect by positron generated by laser compton scattering gamma-ray beam
M. Roth      17.1 Nuclear Photonics activities at the Technische Universitat Darmstadt
S. Charisopoulos      17.2 IAEA activities in support of the accelerator-based research and applications
P. Vasos      17.4 Biomedical Program at ELI-NP - Radiobiology and Molecular Imaging

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