Lasers System Department

The High Power Laser System (HPLS) and the Laser Beam Transport System LBTS are key components of the ELI-NP facility. These systems together allow the creation and delivery of the required laser pulses to the experimental areas where the experiments take place.

The Lasers System Department (LSD) group's task is to follow up and provide support for the implementation of the HPLS and LBTS and their integration within the ELI-NP research facility. Read more

The Operation Team has the task to comission the High Power Laser System (HPLS), the Laser Beam Transport System (LBTS) and to safely (man and machine) operate the systems for experiments. To complete its tasks, the Laser Operation Team will receive support from the infrastructure and scientific team.

The Infrastructure Team will ensure a proper infrastructure (electricity, electronics, IT, cooling water) and environment for both HPLS and LBTS. They will provide a training plan for the operation team on specific needs.

The Scientific Team is responsible with the technical part of the HPLS and LBTS commissioning, machine safety and future updates of the system. By taking care of machine safety, the Scientific team will follow all parameters of HPLS and support the Operation team in the daily duty within HPLS and LBTS. HPLS development

The Optics Lab is equipped to provide training for the RD1 members and for the users of the HPLS, as well as to test and qualify optical components for use in the HPLS.

The cutting edge technology available in the Optics Laboratory of the Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics Research Center makes the research facility the ideal place for laser pulse characterization, beam diagnostics, wavefront analysis, laser induced damage threshold, interferometry and so on. The lab itself is an ISO 6-ISO 7 cleanroom facility provided with all necessary cleanroom access equipment.

The research teams interested in using our facility or collaborating with our top notch scientists, are provided with multiple optical tables and optical boards, wide range of optics and opto-mechanic equipment, high end optical instruments, and all auxiliary electronic devices such as computers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, delay pulse generators, multimeters, etc.

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Ioan DĂNCUȘ Dr. Ioan DĂNCUȘ Head of "Lasers System Department" CV     Info
Name Position Info
Daniel URSESCU CS I / Group Leader CV     Info
Răzvan DABU CS I
Dan-Gheorghiță MATEI CS III CV     Info
Viviana VLĂDUȚESCU CS III / OL Responsible CV     Info
Gabriel Petrișor BLEOTU PhD Student
Vicențiu IANCU PhD Student
Cosmin JALBĂ PhD Student
Anda-Maria TALPOȘI PhD Student
Robert SCHMELZ Operation Engineer
Sorin MOLDOVEANU Software Engineer
Mihai CARAGEA Engineer
Gabriel COJOCARU Engineer / Team leader
Octavian DĂNILĂ Engineer
Erik DUCOUSSO Engineer
Costin Eugen ENE Engineer / Team leader
Alexandru LAZĂR Engineer
Andrei Bogdan NAZÎRU Engineer
Marius NEAGOE Engineer
Dmitrii NISTOR Engineer / Team leader
Adrian TOADER Engineer
Antonia TOMA Engineer / Team leader
Lidia VĂSESCU Engineer / Team leader
Cristian ALEXE Jr. Engineer
Alice DUMITRU Jr. Engineer
Saidbek NORBAEV Jr. Engineer
Stefan POPA Jr. Engineer
Sergiu RUSNAC Jr. Engineer
Takahisa JITSUNO Physicist
Nicolae STAN Technician
Andreea Magdalena CĂLIN Jr. Technician
Radu CARAGEA Jr. Technician
Ana Maria LUPU Jr. Technician
Alina CARANICA Assistant
Cristina HOLEAB Assistant
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