Gamma System Department

"Gamma System Department" is dedicated to the development and operation of a high flux, high brilliance, monochromatic, energy tunable gamma-beam production system based on laser inverse Compton scattering off relativistic electron bunches.

The Variable Energy Gamma (VEGA) System [ Read more ] at ELI-NP defines a new state–of–the–art gamma beam facility. It will provide gamma beams with energy continuously tunable between 1 MeV and 19.5 MeV, relative energy bandwidth better than 0.5% and a spectral density higher than 5 x 103 photons/s/eV.

The Scientific Team is responsible with the technical part of the HPLS and LBTS commissioning, machine safety and future updates of the system. By taking care of machine safety, the Scientific team will follow all parameters of HPLS and support the Operation team in the daily duty within HPLS and LBTS. HPLS development

The Optics Lab is equipped to provide training for the RD1 members and for the users of the HPLS, as well as to test and qualify optical components for use in the HPLS.

The cutting edge technology available in the Optics Laboratory of the Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics Research Center makes the research facility the ideal place for laser pulse characterization, beam diagnostics, wavefront analysis, laser induced damage threshold, interferometry and so on. The lab itself is an ISO 6-ISO 7 cleanroom facility provided with all necessary cleanroom access equipment.

The research teams interested in using our facility or collaborating with our top notch scientists, are provided with multiple optical tables and optical boards, wide range of optics and opto-mechanic equipment, high end optical instruments, and all auxiliary electronic devices such as computers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, delay pulse generators, multimeters, etc.

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Catalin Matei Dr. Cătălin MATEI Head of "Gamma System Department" CV     Info
Name Position Info
Piotr TRACZ Engineer (Deputy Head) CV    
Hermann SCHUBERT Junior Researcher
Alexandru BOIANU Electronics Engineer
Diana BRINARU Engineer
Guangling CHEN Controls Engineer
Dinu Cornel CIRDEI Engineer
Nicolae MILITARU Engineer
Frangil RAMIREZ Controls Engineer
Laurentiu TEODORESCU Engineer
Emil UDUP Mechanical Engineer
Emilian IUCIUC Technician
Irinel LUCA Technician
Alexandru MIHAIL Technician
Cristian PAUN Technician
Robert PATRASCOIU Technician
Petrica STOENICA Technician
Simona BARUȚĂ (ILIE) PhD Student
Cornel BRATU Physicist
Vlad GACIU Physicist
Adrian MANTSCH Physicist
Alfio PAPPARARDO Physicist
Octavian SIMA Physicist
Simona NICULAE Department Assistant

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