Multiple Stroboscopic Detection of Long-Lived Nuclear Magnetization for Glutathione Oxidation Kinetics


Florin Teleanu, Anamaria Hanganu, Catalin Tuta, Aude Sadet, Mihai A. Voda, and Paul R. Vasos [ ]

Imaging the molecular kinetics of antioxidants by magnetic resonance can contribute to the mechanistic understanding of therapeutic approaches.
Magnetic resonance detection of the response to flashes of oxidative stress requires sequential spectroscopy on the same timescale on which reactive oxygen species are generated. We demonstrated an experiment for the follow-up of glutathione oxidation kinetics. On-the-fly stroboscopic detection minimizes the durations necessary for single acquisitions yet necessitates sustaining of magnetization lifetimes. With this experiment, we followed fast oxidation kinetics in the glutathione redox pair GSH/GSSG.
This establishes the ground for the follow-up of FLASH redox processes detecting glutathione oxidation kinetics as magnetic-resonance biomarker of oxidative processes on timescales of tens of seconds.