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High Power Laser Beam Profile and Pointing Measurement (HPLM)

A device for continuous control of the laser intensity, together with beam profile and pointing monitoring, over very large dynamic range.
 In order to achieve this, the evanescent field from the total internal reflection in one prism is used to tune continuously the beam intensity over 110dB.

A device for continuous control of the laser intensity, together with beam profile and pointing monitoring, over very large dynamic  range was developed, for adjusting a laser beam to a precise power level required by a current application. The attenuator consists of two glass prisms positioned in close proximity to each other. The evanescent field from the total internal reflection in one prism is used to tune continuously the beam intensity over 110dB. Such a device has numerous potential applications in medicine, non-destructive testing and materials processing.


The project was funded by ATTRACT

The ATTRACT Phase-1 Project is a pilot for a new collaboration paradigm based on the ‘Open Science, Open Innovation and Open to the World’1 philosophy, which will boost our chances of transforming frontier science into products, processes and services meeting societal needs Learn more...


Project coordinator is IFIN-HH

IFIN-HH, the largest physics research institute in Romania,  is committed to the development of the knowledge in physics, especially of the sub-atomic one, and growing of the nuclear domain impact in society, through advanced research and the most professional services. We believe that our first-rate results in some of the most exciting areas of the physics can be a genuine source of wisdom for our community and an inspiring model of excellent inquiry for our youths. Learn more...


The Partnerin the project is MGM Star Construct

SC MGM STAR CONSTRUCT SRL is a private company specializing in chemical and physical vacuum deposition (PVD and CVD), production of optical components, photolithography technologies and construction in civil area.
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First beneficiary of the technology is ELI-NP

Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics is the most advanced research facility in the world in the field of photonuclear physics, a new interdisciplinary research field which brings together, for the first time, high-power lasers and nuclear physics.

the nuclear physics pillar of the Pan-European Distributed Research Infrastructure ELI-Extreme Light Infrastructure.
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Development Timeline



Work at Optics Lab in Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics facility led to a paper on the use of the evanescent field for collimated beam laser attenuator. 
MGM Star Construct joined as industrial Partener to develop the technology.
A project to g ofrom Technology Readiness Level 2 (TRL2) to TRL4 was submitted to ATTRACT. 



ATTRACT funded the HPLM project to transition from TRL2 to TRL4.
Several components and systems were developed and tested. 
Preliminary results were presented at CLEO Europe 2019.



Device developed to TRL4.
Plans to further develop prototype. 



The attenuation in excess of 110 dB was demonstrated a single device (see figure). 
The attenuation variation is driven by two major factors,
the incidence angle at the interface between the two prisms and the gap between the prisms. 

Possible applications:

Lasers are necessary for a large number of applications, from material processing to medical treatment and non-destructive testing (NDT).
Like a scalpel which is as good as sharp, a laser beam needs to have a constant quality and a precise adjustable power.
This is achievable with the attenuation device developed.


National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH)


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MGM Star Construct SRL


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