Confirmed Invited Lecturers

1. Dimitris Charalambidis (ELI-ALPS, Szeged, Hungary) - "Attophysics and the scientific case of ELI-ALPS"
2. Gilles Cheriaux (LOA, Palaiseau, France) - "High intensity lasers"
3. John Collier (STFC, RAL, CLF, Didcot, UK) - "An Overview of Science & Technology at the UK's Central Laser Facility"
4. Emmanuel D' Humieres (CELIA, Univ. Bordeaux, France) - "New regimes of energetic particle production and radiation generation in the ultra-high intensity regime and basics of the associated simulation tools"
5. Richard Freeman (OSU, Columbus, USA) - "On the origin of 'hot' electrons and the self-generation of magnetic fields in intense laser-matter interactions"
6. Fazia Hannachi (CENBG/IN2P3, Bordeaux, France) - "Modification of nuclear observables in laser-plasma environment"
7. Kensuke Homma (Univ. Hiroshima, Japan) - "Laser-driven elementary particle physics"
8. Anton Ilderton (Chalmers, Gothenburg, Sweden) - "Fundamental quantum physics in intense laser fields"
9. Dino Jaroszynski (SUPA, Univ. Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK) - "Ultra-short duration electron and radiation pulses from the laser plasma wakefield accelerator"
10. Serge Kalmykov (Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, USA) - "Electron cavitation, trapping, and acceleration in laser plasmas: review of existing models"
11. Christoph H. Keitel (MPIK, Heidelberg, Germany) - "Extremely high-intensity laser interactions with fundamental quantum systems"
12. Hyung Taek Kim (GIST, Gwangju, Korea) - "Development of multi-GeV electron beam and MeV gamma-ray source using PW laser pulses"
13. Thomas Kühl (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany) - "From ultra-high fields to nuclear astrophysics and back"
14. Ken Ledingham (SUPA, Univ. Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK) - "Opportunities for International Collaboration in Laser Driven Ion Therapy"
15. Paul McKenna (SUPA, Univ. Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK) - "Laser-driven ion acceleration mechanisms and the influence of strong field effects"
16. Toseo Moritaka (NCU, Taoyuan, Taiwan) - "Plasma physics and simulation models - from laser interaction to astrophysical phenomena"
17. Ishay Pomerantz (Univ. Tel-Aviv, Israel) - "The Science and Applications for Laser Generated Neutrons"
18. Fabien Quéré (LIDyL /IRAMIS/CEA, Saclay, France) - "Physics and applications of plasma mirrors"
19. Hartmut Ruhl (LMU, Munich, Germany) - "Radiative trapping and cascading in intense laser radiation for ELI-NP. Nonlinear wave propagation and vacuum polarization for ELI-NP"
20. Wolfgang Sandner (ELI-DC, Brussels, Belgium) - "Creating Extreme Light: why, and how?"
21. Douglass Schumacher (OSU, Columbus, USA) - "Using the particle-in-cell (PIC) method to model the strong field laser-plasma interaction"
22. Peter Thirolf (LMU, Munich, Germany) - "Novel laser-driven nuclear reactions for the synthesis of extremely neutron-rich isotopes"
23. Marilena Tomuț (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany) - "Studies of materials in extreme conditions with high power lasers"
24. Salvo Tudisco (LNS-INFN, Catania, Italy) - "Nuclear reactions in Laser-Plasmas"