Transport and Accommodation


The lecturers will be accommodated in the Hotel Minerva located in the center of Bucharest, between Romana Square and Victoriei Square.

The transportation from Hotel Minerva to Magurele will be assured daily by a bus departing from the Hotel at 8:50.

The students will be accommodated in Hotel Magurele which is situated in the center of Magurele town, in close proximity of the School Venue ( see map ).

Transport from the airport

Transportation from the airport to the hotel will be offered by our drivers. For the participants who send us information about their arrival time, our drivers will wait in the main arrivals hall of the airport with an ELI-NP label.

Alternatively you can take a taxi, which is the simplest way of travelling from the airport to the hotel on your own. Please remember to use Taxi by Request services ( click here for details ). The differences on the charges from on company to another are mainly due to car quality. Otherwise you can confidently choose the lowest rates displayed by the machine (1.39 lei/km) corresponding to travel cost of about 25 lei (6 Euro) to Hotel Minerva, and respectively about 60 lei (14 Euro) to Hotel Magurele.