Monday 21.09.2015
W. Sandner: Creating Extreme Light: why, and how?
G. Chériaux: High Intensity Lasers - Description, issues and state-of-the-art
K. Ledingham: Opportunities for International Collaboration in Laser Driven Ion Therapy
D. Schumacher: Using the particle-in-cell (PIC) method to model the strong field laser-plasma interaction

Tuesday 22.09.2015
C. Keitel: Extremely high-intensity laser interactions with fundamental quantum systems
K. Homma: Laser Driven Particle Physics
S. Tudisco: Nuclear reactions in Laser-Plasmas
P. Thirolf: Novel laser-driven nuclear reaction scheme for the synthesis of extremely neutron-rich isotopes

Wednesday 23.09.2015
I. Pomerantz: Laser Generation of Neutrons: Science and Applications
A. Ilderton: Fundamental quantum physics in intense laser fields
H. Ruhl: Interaction of photons traversing a slowly varying electromagnetic background: Numerical simulation of frequency cascading

Thursday 24.09.2015
S. Kalmykov: Plasma waves, wakes, and bubbles for table-top GeV acceleration
R. Freeman: A Short (55 min) Course in Laser Plasmas Induced By ELI-SCALE Lasers
D. Jaroszynski: Ultra-short duration electron and radiation pulses from the laser-plasma wakefield accelerator

Friday 25.09.2015
E. d'Humières: New regimes of energetic particle production and radiation generation in the ultra high intensity regime and basics of the associated simulation tools
T. Moritaka: Plasma physics and simulation models - from laser interaction to astrophysical phenomena