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2018 – Nobel Prize for Physics

"Physics" Category

The Nobel Prize for Physics in 2018 was awarded to Professors Arthur Ashkin (USA), Gérard Mourou (France) and Donna Strickland (Canada) "for groundbreaking inventions in the field of laser physics" (The Nobel Prize announcement)
In 2006, Professor Gérard Mourou initiates and promoted the European Project ELI - Extreme Light Infrastructure, considered to be a pan European landmark project, the first distributed Research Infrastructure in Science history, in three pillars (Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania).
The ELI-NP Scientific Case was also developed together with Professor Mourou - the forefront scientific research, both fundamental and applicative, have defined the Romanian pillar and an emerging domain of Modern Science - Nuclear Photonics.
Professor Mourou is acting member of the ELI-NP International Scientific Advisory Board and an active collaborator of the ELI-NP research team in conducting the preparations of the Day 1 experiments. Link
  Nobel Prize for Physics 2018

2017 – Gala of the Industrial Property

The Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering was granted by the Legal Magazine the award for the realisation of the most important scientific research Center in Romania: ELI-NP (Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics).
The first edition of the Gala of the Industrial Property was held at the Romanian Cultural Institute, on June 13th, 2017, the event having the role of strengthening the partnership between rightholders (individuals, inventors, companies, research institutes, universities, etc.) and industrial property advisers.
Among the criteria that led to the awarding of the prizes we can mention: experience in the market, customer opinions and recommendations, results registered in 2016, academic activity and leadership style, as well as appearances in the national and international press. Link
  Gala of the Industrial Property

2017 – Values of Romania Gala

"Top Management" AWARD

The second edition of the Values of Romania Gala, an event that presents and celebrates Romanian personalities who achieved high performances on international level, tool place on May 16th, 2017.
In the presence of over 200 top executives from companies, entrepreneurs, artists and inventors, the Biz team awarded 34 of the most successful and respected Romanian personalities and brands.
Acad. Nicolae-Victor Zamfir, General Director of the "Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, has been awarded at the "Top Management" category, for the implementation of the most important research project in Romania, Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics. Link
  2017 Gala Biz

2016 – Gala of the Romanian IT&C Industry

"Best R&D Project" AWARD

The "Mobile Communications" business magazine of Telecom, Media and Technology held, on November 29, 2016, the XIIIth Annual Awards Gala of the Romanian IT & C industry and related tech, on the theme of 2016: Smart City.
Two of the 13 prizes offered on this occasion were awarded to the ELI-NP project and Thales Group, in the category of 'R&D Award'.
The Golden Telecom Day event represented a synthesis of the most important achievements of 2016 and projections for 2017, the prizes being awarded after the consultation of three juries (the public, the experts and the "Mobile Communications" editorial staff), conducted between August 1st – November 1st. Link | Gala Awards
  2016 GCM

2016 – the Foreign Policy Romania Awards 2016 - For people and ideas that move the country toward better

The "PROJECTS" Category

Under the motto "100 people and ideas that move the country" the Foreign Policy Romania magazine makes up each year a 100 top for highlighting the most important contributions to the country's development. Within the Foreign Policy Romania Gala – 2016, which took place on March 3rd, there were awarded 15 of the most notable personalities, ideas and projects of the previous year.
The award at the "Projects" Category was granted to Acad. Nicolae Victor Zamfir – for the management of the Laser construction at Magurele. The Director of the ELI-NP project presented the current status of work on the infrastructure of the future European research center, mentioning that the works are on schedule, and that the next step is represented by the equipment assembly and experimental setups. Link
  2016 FP

2016 - French Republic

Academician Nicolae-Victor Zamfir, General Director of Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering and Director of Extreme Light Infrastructure-Nuclear Physics project, was decorated with the title of Grand Officer of the National Order of the Legion of Honour. The nomination Decree has been signed by the President François Hollande, on January 15th 2016, in order to acknowledge his "distinguished merits in the service of cooperation between Romania and France in the field of science and research".
The Insignia of Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour have been awarded to Professor Nicolae-Victor Zamfir by François Saint-Paul, Ambassador of France to Romania, in a ceremony held at the French Embassy on June 22th, 2016. On this occasion, Ambassador Saint-Paul stated that "without the determination, expertise, knowledge and patience of Professor Zamfir, the ELI-NP project could not have emerged in Magurele".
In his speech, the Director of ELI-NP stressed that this award is a continuation of the Romanian-French cooperation in the field of physics, the founder of the Magurele Institute of Atomic Physics, Academician Horia Hulubei, receiving the Legion of Honour 60 years ago. Professor Zamfir thanked to all its collaborators and mentioned that the distinction offered by the French State is a recognition of the performance of the entire team of IFIN-HH and ELI-NP, as well as the Romanian community of physics. Link
  Legiunea de Onoare

2014 - French Society of Physics (SFP)

Sydney Gales, Director of Research at IPN Orsay and Scientific Director of ELI-NP project at IFIN-HH Bucharest, has been distinguished by the French Physical Society, which awarded him the Grand Prize "Felix Robin" to honour his globally recognized scientific activity. Therefore, Sydney Gales receives one of the highest honours awarded by SFP each year, thus marking the excellence of researchers or projects in the field of physics.
This distinction that honours Sydney Gales also honours IPN Orsay as a whole. Link
  2014 SFP

2013 - Mediafax

The prize for pushing the limits is awarded to the team from Magurele which brought in Romania the strongest laser in the world. Because they are part of a project which attracted not only European funds but also state-of-the-art technology in Romania. Because they succeeded to capitalize here the talent and knowledge of Romanian physicists.
And because they managed to present this project popularly. When receiving the prize, the team of researchers talked about the pride they experienced when the result of their activity was acknowledged by the entire society. The team members mentioned that the biggest support came from the mass-media which was very open-minded about the project and encouraged them to believe they were capable to place Romania on a map of the scientific world. Link
  2013 Mediafax

2013 - Energy Oscars

Alexander Damev, program manager of WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), handed the prize for Outstanding Development to The Institute of Phisics and Nuclear Engineering Horia Hulubei for the laser project in Magurele, which will be the biggest of its kind in the world. The laser if part of an european project worth about 350 million euro, in which 40 institutions of 13 member states are involved. Once finished, it will have various applications. The prize was received by Gheorghe Cata Danil, deputy director of the Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) project.
Among the nominees were Genesis Biopartner, Phoenixy, Rompetrol and RPIA (Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association). Link
  2013 Energy Oscars

2012 - CCIFER Awards

2012 Gala of the French Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in a Romania (CCIFER) - took place on December 7th, in the Grand Ballroom JW Marriott hotel.

CCIFER 2012 Awards - were a tribute to small and medium enterprises. In order to lay stress on small and medium enterprises, CCIFER proposed in 2012 five exclusive awards dedicated to these enterprises and member associations.

The excellence award was granted to Nicolae Zamfir, for ELI-NP project. Link
  2012 CCIFER

2012 - Radio Romania Cultural Awards

The 13th edition of Radio Romania Cultural Awards Gala took place at Odeon Theater, on Monday, March 18th, at 19:00 - Awards have been granted for eight different sections meant to create the most accurate image of the Romanian Cultural Environment and of the most important achievements of 2012, in different cultural areas.

Dr Physicist Nicolae Zamfir, the Director of Horia-Hulubei National Institute for Research and Development in Nuclear Physics (IFIN-HH) received the Award for Science for bringing in Romania the largest scientific research project in lasers - Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) Link #1 ; Link #2
  2012 RRC

2011 - Education Awards Gala - Dinu Patriciu Foundation

The first honorary award was granted to Horia Hulubei Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, for the involvement in ELI-NP International Project which aims to build the most powerful laser.

The Director of Horia Hulubei Physics Institute, Nicolae Zamfir: "I did not expect this. On behalf of the physicists in Magurele, we are honored. We are trying to do our job, to increase Romania's visibility. We hope the project will place Romania on" the map of Europe. Link
  2012 Fundatia Dinu Patriciu

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