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  Visits at ELI-NP

24-25.06.2019 - Opening of the Institute of Laser Engineering (Osaka University) Office at ELI-NP

17.06.2019 - Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, Member of the German Bundestag

06.06.2019 - Israeli Embassy Delegation: Yigal Unna, Chief Executive Director of the new Cyber Technologies Unit in the Israel National Cyber Directorate, and Bareket Knafo, Head of the Economic & Trade Mission, Embassy of Israel

15.05.2019 - South African Ambassador, Jabu Mbalula

08.05.2019 - European Economic and Social Committee

23.03.2019 - Kip Thorne, 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

21.03.2019 - Representatives of the European Research Area and Innovation Committe

16.03.2019 - Manfred Weber, Leader of the European People's Party (European Parliament)

07.03.2019 - Work visit of Thales Management Board

16.01.2019 - Representatives of the European Investment Bank

07.01.2019 - Gunther Krichbaum, Member of German Bundestag and European Parliament

26.07.2018 - Visit of an important scientific delegation from France (Prof. Gerard MOUROU, Prof. Benoit DEVEAUD, Prof. David ROS)

21.06.2018 - Visit of the European Committee of the Regions Representatives

15-16.05.2018 - Spring Meeting of FAIR AFC 2018

15.05.2018 - Technical visit of NATO SET-255 Specialists

24.04.2018 - Visit of Her Majesty Queen Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, together with His Royal Highness, Prince Radu

21.03.2018 - Visit of Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Saeed Bin Saeed Almatrooshi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates

19.03.2018 - Visit of Viorel Stefan, Vice Prime Minister and Nicolae Brunete, Minister of Research and Innovation

14.12.2017 - Visit of Zvika Bercovici, Honorary Consul of Romania in Israel

07.12.2017 - Visit of the leading researchers belonging to the great science centers of the world

24.11.2017 - Visit of Energy for Sustainable Science at Research Infrastructures, 4th edition, participants

14.11.2017 - Visit of Michele Ramis, Ambassador of France

10.11.2017 - Visit of Boutheina Labidi, Ambassador of Tunisia

17.10.2017 - Visit of Princess Maria of Romania

01.09.2017 - Visit of ELISS 2017 Summer School participants

31.08.2017 - Visit of Romania's chief of missions whithin the Annual Reunion of the Romanian Diplomacy

19.07.2017 - Visit of Nobuo Kishi, Japan's State Minister for Foreign Affairs, and of the Delegation of the Embassy of Japan to Bucharest

19.07.2017 - Visit of the Delegation of the Ministry of Business, Commerce and Entrepreneurship

13.07.2017 - Visit of H.E Hans Klemm, Ambassador of the United States, with a group of Stanford University graduates

13.07.2017 - Visit of H.E. Tamar Samash and the representatives of the Embassy of the State of Israel, and of the delegation of the Romania-Israel Chamber of Commerce & Industry led by Calin Cosar

13.05.2017 - Visit of Teodor Melescanu, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

02.05.2017 - Visit of Daulet Batrashev, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan, meeting with the members of MHTC cluster

10.04.2017 - Visit of Alexandru Petrescu, minister for Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship

22.03.2017 - Visit of Paul Brummel, Ambassador of of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the British Commercial Delegation

16.03.2017 - Visit of Ishii Kisaburo, Ambassador of Japan, and the Japanese Commercial Delegation, organized by the Embassy of Japan to Bucharest and the Japan External Trade Organization - JETRO

16.12.2016 - Visit of teaching staff and researchers of National Trade Union Federation Alma Mater, Republic of Moldova

07.12.2016 - Visit of Vladimir Valky, ambassador of the Czech Republic

17.11.2016 - International delegation participating in the 2nd ELI-DC Partners Meeting "Perspectives of ELI for the European Research Community"

25.10.2016 - Visit of Victor Grigorescu, Minister of Energy

24.10.2016 - Visit of the Romanian importers and exporters Association

11.10.2016 - Visit of Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation

04.10.2016 - Visit of the World Bank Delegation

22.09.2016 - Delegation of the Black Sea Universities Network

13.09.2016 - Visit of the French President Francois Holland to ELI-NP, accompanied by the Romanian President Klaus W.Iohannis

22.08.2016 - Delegation of the ShanghaiTech University and of the Embassy of China to Bucharest

12.07.2016 - Delegation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Shanghai Institute of Optics & Fine Mechanics (SIOM)

04-05.07.2016 - Meeting of the International Scientific Advisory Board

15.06.2016 - Visit of François Saint-Paul, Ambassador of France

14.06.2016 - Visit of Adrian Curaj, Ministry of Education and Scientific Research

14.04.2016 - Visit of Francophone Students

14.03.2016 - Visit of Ishii Kisaburo, Ambassador of Japan

03.02.2016 - Visit of Elke Anklam, Director at European Commission, Joint Research Centre for Reference Materials and Measurements (JRC-IRMM)

28.01.2016 - Visit of Hans G. Klemm, Ambassador of the United States of America

27.01.2016 - Visit of Riva Ganguly Das, Ambassador of India

04.06.2015 - Visit of E.U. Delegation of Committee on Regional Development

01.04.2015 - Delegation of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), led by Hervé Bernard, Deputy Chairman

19.02.2015 - Visit of Klaus W. Iohannis, President of Romania

08.11.2014 - Visit of Corina Creţu, European Commissioner for Regional Policy

02.09.2014 - Visit of Harlem Désir, French Secretary of State for European Affairs

26.04.2014 - Visit of Martin Schultz, President of the European Parliament

04.10.2013 - Visit of Marie Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science

14.06.2013 - Laying the cornerstone of ELI-NP in the presence of Johannes Hahn, European Comissioner for Regional Policy


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