Technical Division

The Technical Division offers support for the implementation and operation of the big equipment (HPLS, LBTS, the VEGA system) and for the integration and operation of the experimental set-ups. The activity of the division has also a technical development component in supporting the research and development activity on the experimental side. The Technical Division of ELI-NP comprises 5 sub-divisions: Technical Design Office, Mechanical and Vacuum Workshop, Electronics Workshop, Target Laboratory, Dosimetry Laboratory.

Technical Design Office - responsible for the design and simulation of mecanics or electronics.

The Design Office is in charge of mechanical, electrical and electronic design, development and simulation of parts needed in the process of implementation, operation or development of the HPLS, LBTS, VEGA System and the complex experimental systems around them.
The engineers are collaborating with research groups in order to place orders and decide on the manufacturing process of the designed parts or systems.

Mechanical and Vacuum Workshop - technical support for manufacturing of mechanical parts and systems and the vacuum across facility

The workshop is responsible for the manufacturing of the mechanical parts and systems needed for the implementation and operation processes.
It is working in close contact with the design office and offering technical support for the experimental areas.

Electronics Workshop - technical support and development of electronic circuits and automation devices

This workshop is responsible for troubleshooting and repairs on the complex electronic devices operating in the facility, but also for the development of electronics or automation systems that are needed for further development of the experimental set-ups or the improvement of the big machines.
The Electronics laboratory, from Electronic Workshop, offers several services associated to this specific field of activities such as maintenance of equipment, repairs, technical support for preparing and performing experiments. The laboratory is equipped with machines that can be used for measurements of electrical parameters in physics and applied electronics at ELI-NP, so that the design and development of prototypes (in small quantities), electronics modules, adaptors and simple automation devices can be executed properly. These activities serve for research, in general, as well as for supporting ELI-NP’s experiments and utilities. The measurements made in this laboratory are essential for investigating potential malfunctions of devices used in experimental set-ups as well as for the checkup of homemade systems/devices.

For the activities described above, the following devices are used in the laboratory:

Oscilloscopes (500MHz, 2.5 Gs/s)
Signal and Functions generator
Power supplies
Various probes
RLC bridges
Small electronic and electrical components such as resistors, potentiometers, capacitors, transistors, diodes, LEDs, integrated circuits, relays, voltage regulators, buzzers, etc.
Various cables for power or transmission of data (e.g. coaxial cables)
Dosimetry Laboratory - services for dosimetry of the personnel and the operation and maintenance of the radiation monitoring system for the facility

The dosimetry laboratory supports the radiation safety group in monitoring the personnel exposure to ionizing radiation, and operates and maintains the radiation monitoring systems.

Technical Design Office


Mechanical and Vacuum Workshop


Electronics Workshop


Dosimetry Laboratory

Răzvan ȘTEFAN Răzvan ȘTEFAN Head of Technical Division -
Building Utilities & Operation Compartment
Name Position
Razvan Claudiu BĂTĂIOSU Engineer
Delia TINCA Maintenance Engineer
George PĂTRAȘCU Engineer (RSVTI)
George IONESCU Engineer
Radu ENACHE Engineer
Gheorghe GHEORGHE Technician
Mirela NAVREA Emergency Situation Responsible
Nicolae DRAGOMIR Technician
Adrian DRĂGOI Technician
Andrei KHAN Technician
Marian MACAMETE Technician
Adrian NICOLAE Technician
Constantin VASILE Technician
Ștefan NEGULESCU Administrator
Alexandru BUNU Cook
Technical Design Office
Name Position
Cristian PETCU Mechanical Engineer (CAD)
Mihai RIȘCĂ Mechanical Engineer (CAD)
Alexandru IMREH Engineer (3D Design and VR)
Mihai Mircea MERIȘANU Mechanical Engineer (FEA)
Mechanical and Vacuum Workshop
Name Position
Bogdan TATULEA Mechanical Engineer
Marian DOBRE CNC Technician and operator of classical machines
George PRISECARU CNC Technician and programmer
Electronics Workshop
Name Position
Fikret OMEROGLU Electrical Engineer
Marinel CONSTANTIN Automation Engineer
Cornel CÎRDEI Electrical Engineer
Dosimetry Laboratory
Name Position
Constantin IVAN Physicist

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