Romanian-Japanese Bilateral Workshop on QED and Plasma Interactions in Petawatt Laser Experiments


"Romanian-Japanese Bilateral Workshop on QED and Plasma Interactions in Petawatt Laser Experiments" was held in 9th and 10th October 2023 at ELI-NP. The workshop aimed to promote the bilateral partnership of scientific collaboration between Romania and Japan. The researchers in Aoyama Gaduin University, Osaka University, Hiroshima University, Kyushu University, Japan Atomic Energy Agency and ELI-NP made the presentation on ELI-NP site and discussed relevant scientific subjects and future collaborations with each other.
In the workshop, the current status at ELI-NP for operation and performance of 10 PW laser system, applicability of gamma-beam system for nuclear physics, and the latest results in 1PW/10PW experiments were overviewed. Laser-matter interaction with solid and gaseous target to generate high-energy photons, electrons and ions were discussed with numerical simulations and experimental results. The R&D studies for high-energy ion detection in high-intensity laser experiments were shown, considering the possibility to combine the technologies used in laser-plasma science and nuclear physics. The possible QED phenomena with electron-photon and photon-photon scattering under extreme conditions, which can create by high-intensity laser and laser plasma, were discussed to encourage the ongoing and future experiments.

The workshop was supported by
Proiect Nucleu PN23210105,
JSPS Bilateral Program, Grant number JPJSBP120229940,
JSPS Core-to-Core Program, Grant number JPJSCCA20230003,
Sumitomo Foundation, Grant number 210629,
Research Foundation for Opto-Science and Technology,
Miyata Young Researchers Research
Support System, Grant number JM00000130.