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The main objective of RI2integrate project is to exploit the economic development potential and to better the integration of the operation of the EU's excellent R&D Infrastructure (RI) investment projects through devising and implementing innovative tools for policy learning on macro-regional embeddedness in the Danube Region.

The main result is the improved transfer of scientific results into the economy in the Danube Region, in line with the different needs of the participating countries by the improvement of cross-linkages among the R&D, SMEs, community and government. As the main outputs, 3 tools will be developed and tested for boosting macro-regional embeddedness of RIs (1 public procurement on innovation utilization guide; 1 guideline for aiding the RI related business ecosystem ; 1 roadmap for community dissemination). To ensure policy durability, 7 National and 1 Joint Action Plans will be developed and a transnational RI2integrate Committee will be funded covering all Danube countries.

The main novelty of RI2integrate is two-fold. It's methodology foresees the combination of the Smart Specialization approach (from the expert side) and the Quadruple Helix model (from the stakeholder perspective). Additonally, as a policy driven novelty, the project creates synergies between different EU and territorial funding instruments.

Participants: regional and national research institutions, universities, governmental bodies, decision makers and intermediaries from Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia. Each partner stands for a particular type of organisation involved in the utilization of excellent research infrastructures. All partners have experience in transnational projects.

The partner selection criteria were:
  • All partners have demonstrated activities and experiences vital for the embeddedness of research infrastructures;
  • The frame of the partnership is given be the Danube-Region flagship excellent research infrastructure investment (Extreme Light Infrastructure - ELI);
  • All ELI countries (HU, CZ, RO) have dual partnerships to ensure the resources to manage the development of 3 tools;
  • The partnership covers all parts of the Quadruple Helix to assure cross-linkages of all relevant stakeholders;
  • The partnership covers 7 Danube countries with cooperation activities relevant to all 14 Danube countries;
  • 7 ASPs have involved for policy integration.


July 8, 2019, Magurele, Romania - The IFIN-HH RI2Integrate team organised, on the 8th of July 2019, a "Matchmaking event of industry and government on Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI)" in the framework of the RI2Integrate (Embeddedness of High Quality Research Infrastructures in the Danube Region) project. Details

June 11, 2019, Magurele, Romania. RI2integrate - Embeddedness of high quality research infrastructures in the Danube Region Training Seminar on Science and Technology Parks: operation, financing, best practices and contribution to the development of Regional Competitiveness. Details

April 2-3, 2019, Maribor, Slovenia. On the 2nd and 3rd of April 2019 a meeting on RI2 Integrate project was held in Maribor, Slovenia, organized by our colleagues from the University of Maribor. During the meeting, all participants had the opportunity to present their current stage of activities, the completed actions and further assignments were discussed and decided by the lead partners. Details

November 21, 2018. An RI2 Integrate project meeting of National Experts Group and Stakeholders was organized on the 21st of November 2018 by IFIN HH, Magurele High-Tech Cluster and Ilfov County Council, partners in the project mentioned above. The meeting was held at ELI NP facility and addressed various representatives of research institutes and small and medium enterprises interested in collaborations with local and governmental authorities; the current stage of Magurele Science Park was presented, as well as the ongoing activities and the final benefits of such a business ecosystem were highlighted. Details

October 2, 2018. IFIN-HH / ELI-NP, together with Magurele High Tech Cluster (MHTC; and Ilfov County Council, partners in RI2Integrate project, organized a project stakeholder meeting on 2nd of October 2018, at the National Physics Library in Magurele. The aim of the meeting was to present the status of the RI2Integrate project regarding the state-of-the art of the science and technology parks in the Danube Region and the roadmap for setting-up a science and technology park developed within the project as well as the implementation status of the Science Park in Magurele ( Details

"WE ARE INVENTING THE FUTURE. OUR BET ON SCIENCE" is the title under which the Magurele Science Park (MSP) was officially inaugurated in Bucharest on June 12, 2018 at the Royal Palace - Throne Room. Details

On May 23rd, 2018, the Romanian Embassy in Paris and the "Horia Hulubei" National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering organized at the Palais de Behague, a meeting to celebrate the ten years since it hosted (February 2008) the kick-off meeting of the Preparatory Phase of the European Project Project ELI - the Extreme Light Infrastructure. Details

The relevance of embeddedness of high quality research infrastructures in the Danube Region presented at Jump to Smart - EROMANIA conference (17-18 April 2018) Details

During the First Public Mid-Term Event in Bucharest, possible synergies between Interreg projects - RI2 Integrate and D-STIR occured, the benefits of their interplay being highlighted. Details

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