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IT Compartment

ELI-NP's Information Technology Compartment (ITC) has a key-role in the organization by delivering safe and efficient operations that ensure the support for the ELI-NP research program.
We are focused on providing a reliable high-speed network infrastructure for scientific and business computing, to develop a scientific computing infrastructure that can support the needs that are common among the scientific departments, on offering support to scientific and administrative software to help them address their unique computing problems and providing a cost–effective, highly reliable computing infrastructure, promoting best practices in the areas of hardware support, application development and customer service.

Main Activities

Scientific Computing and Storage
Users Support
Voice and Data Infrastructure
Conference Support
Scientific Data Storage
IT Licence Management
IT Equipment Management
Network and Services Monitoring
Antivirus Management
SW/HW Procurement
Software Development
Online Training Platform
3D Virtual Tours

IT Infrastructure Services

Filesharing / Cloud Storage
Scientific Events Management System
Presence Management Platform

Apps Services

ELI-NP website
IT Helpdesk
Users' Portal
Intranet Apps
IT Inventory
Scientific Autoevaluation and Reporting Platform
Working Form Requests Platform
Procurement Numbering Instruments
Legal Documents Numbering
Meeting Rooms Booking System

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IT Equipment

Email clients

For setting up an Email client as an alternative to our webmail page, please choose any .pdf instructions document below.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Microsoft Outlook

Open VPN client

For setting up an Open VPN client please choose the tutorials below.

Microsoft Windows



Please register a ticket on the Helpdesk app in order to get the instructions for setting up an EDUROAM account.

Out of Office Feature

1. Log in to RoundCube.
2. Select "Settings" / Filters from the left menu
3. Click on the "Create" button from the header.
7. Select "Reply with message" from the Actions dropdown form
8.Fill in the information you want to be displayed.


Name Position
Mihai CIUBĂNCAN Head of IT Compartment
Laurențiu ȘERBAN Web Services Specialist
George PAISU Infrastructure IT Specialist
Mihai ISVERCEANU IT Technician
Cătălin SOCOL IT Technician

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