RD1 - Lasers System Department
Lasers System Department

The High Power Laser System (HPLS) and the Laser Beam Transport System LBTS are key components of the ELI-NP facility. These systems together allow creation and delivery of the required laser pulses to the experimental areas where the experiments take place.

RD2 - Gamma System Department
Gamma System Department

Gamma System Department is dedicated to the development and operation of a high flux, high brilliance, monochromatic, energy tunable gamma-beam production system based on laser inverse Compton scattering off relativistic electron bunches.

Cătălin MATEI
RD3 - Laser Driven Experiments Department
Laser Driven Experiments Department

The LDED activity is at the core of the laser driven Nuclear Physics mission of ELI-NP. The main focus is the study of new nuclear phenomena induced by high power laser interaction with mater and the development of applications.

Domenico DORIA
RD4 - Gamma Driven Experiments Department
Gamma Driven Experiments Department

The unique parameters of the ELI-NP gamma beams in terms of high spectral density and high polarizability open a new avenue for photonuclear research. A versatile research program related to physics and applications with brilliant gamma beams has been defined in several Technical Design Reports and instrumentation for its realization is been designed or is under construction.

RD5 - Laser Gamma Experiments Department
Laser Gamma Experiments Department

Laser Gamma Experiments Department at ELI-NP proposes experimental setups in the E7 and E4 experimental areas to tackle problems of fundamental physics, taking advantage of the unique configuration and characteristics of the new research infrastructure to be constructed in Măgurele, Romania.