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Optics Laboratory Target Laboratory Laser Experiments Diagnostics Laboratory Biophysics and Biomedical Applications Laboratory Spectroscopy Laboratory X-Ray Imaging Laboratory Positron Laboratory

Biophysics and Biomedical Applications Laboratory
Target Laboratory

Target Laboratory is dedicated to the development, fabrication, characterization and micro-assembly of targets for experiments with high-power lasers and gamma beams.

Victor LECA
Optics Laboratory [LSD]
Optics Laboratory

The Optics Lab is equipped to provide training for LSD members and users of the HPLS, as well as to test and qualify optical components for use in the HPLS.

Laser Experiments Diagnostics Laboratory
Laser Experiments Diagnostics

The role of the Laser Experiments Diagnostics Laboratory is to facilitate the construction, alignment and testing of optical set-ups that will be used in the experimental areas of the ELI-NP.

Spectroscopy Laboratory
Spectroscopy and Detector Laboratory

Is dedicated to the maintenance/repair and measurements of the main characteristics for a wide range of detectors: High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detectors, scintillator detectors, and silicon strip detectors (SSD).

X-Ray Imaging Laboratory
X-Ray Imaging Laboratory

The purpose of the X-ray Imaging laboratory (XIL) is to develop new diagnostic instruments and methods using X-rays radiation towards opening new fundamental and applied research directions.

Nicoleta SAFCA
X-Ray Imaging Laboratory
Positron Laboratory ELIPS

The laboratory is dedicated to material science with fast and slow positrons using High Purity Germanium (HPGe) and scintillator detectors. It is also equipped with photo- and Auger electron spectroscopy systems.