Integrated Management and reliable oPerations for User-based Laser Scientific Excellence

The IMPULSE project focuses on achieving a quick and effective transition of the three pillars of Extreme Light Infrastructure from construction into sustainable, unified operations. By consolidating and exploiting ELI facilities together, IMPULSE maximises the effectiveness of the 850 Million Euro investment from the European Regional Development Funds that enabled the restablishment of this ESFRI Landmark. It will leverage opportunities for technical synergies across Europe's leading high-power, short-pulse laser centres. The activities and key objectives of this ambitious project will be achieved thanks to the joint efforts and contributions of 15 Consortium partners from 9 European countries.

November 2020 / May 2024
~ 20.000.000 EUR

Danube Framework for Responsible Research and Innovation using Socio-Technical Integration

D-STIR's objective is to improve Danube framework conditions for innovation, by integrating Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the whole innovation pipeline. With implementation of the Socio-Technical Integration Research (STIR) method of research, D-STIR project is extremely important for Danube innovation framework conditions as RRI awareness and capacity in the region are limited. It ensures that R&I is carried out in a socially, environmentally and ethically manner.

01-01-2017 / 30-06-2019
1.923.366,8 EURO

EUCALL - The European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light Sources

The aim of EUCALL is to support the efficient implementation and operation of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) advanced laser light source projects ELI and European XFEL, and to initiate a process assuring that the ensemble of Advanced Laser Light Research Infrastructures (ALL-RIs) is optimally used and further developed for science and innovation in Europe.


PMIHLB - Frontiers Research in Photon-Matter Interaction Using Extreme Helical Light Beams

The project is expected to break new grounds in fundamental science and to impact on societal application associated to optimized laser-driven acceleration, such as proton-therapy or energy production in fast-ignitor scheme of inertial fusion, and to monochromatic gamma beams, such as dangerous material detection with improved sensitivity, as well as on other fields.

12-07-2018 / 12-08-2022
8.500.000 LEI

HPLM - High Power Laser Beam Profile and Pointing Measurement

A device for continuous control of the laser intensity, together with beam profile and pointing monitoring, over very large dynamic range was developed, for adjusting a laser beam to a precise power level required by a current application. The attenuator consists of two glass prisms positioned in close proximity to each other. The evanescent field from the total internal reflection in one prism is used to tune continuously the beam intensity over 110dB.