The aim of this trans-sectorial project is to enhance skills for both intense-laser workers and students using high-level workshops focusing on state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, as well as digital and virtual technologies for hands-on applications and maintenance.

Photonics has been defined as a Key Enabling Technology for the 21st century by the European community. The market value is expected to hit 615 billion EURO in 2020. The sudden need for highly and specifically trained personnel in the field of optics, lasers and photonics engendered by the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) programmes exceeds the training potential of the European universities. This project has a long life learning ambition by developing new curricula relevant for high education and continuous training and improving employability rates.

The priorities of IT-ELLI project are:

  1. Improve the quality and relevance of higher education by training students to high-level technologies. Master and PhD students will be trained to high-level skills strongly connected to the practical needs of the large-scale laser facilities, but also laboratories and industrial companies. The aim is to provide a high-level trained manpower and increase students' employability;
  2. Development of high quality work-based VET by creating intensive training sessions based on the inventory of skills required by partners and reusable for any other laser facilities. Develop an European certification in laser safety and radiation safety;
  3. Enhancing digital integration in learning, teaching, training and youth work at various levels with the creation of practical and innovative pedagogical tools such as serious game and IT tools.

The role of the network:

  • Provide high-level training for the laser industry by developing an active cooperation between higher-education institutions, research laboratories, training professional organisations and enterprises.
  • Create a community of skills among extremely large laser facilities by enhancing the digital integration in learning and teaching activities through ICT-based tools.
  • Promote mobility among large laser infrastructures in order to assist students' and young workers' integration into the professional world.
  • Establish common regulations for the European laser community.

ELI-NP leads the Radiation Safety work package and is involved in the other work packages and activities.