Scientific Papers

2. A setup for high-energy γ-ray spectroscopy with the ELI-NP large-volume LaBr3:Ce and CeBr3 detectors at the 9 MV Tandem accelerator at IFIN-HH

8. Current Status of ELI-NP (Romania)

10. Direct measurement of the 19F(p,𝛼0)16O reaction at E𝑐𝑚 = 0.4–0.9 MeV using the LHASA detector array

41. Studying Gamow-Teller transitions and the assignment of isomeric and ground states at N = 50

20. First coupling of the FRS particle identification and the FRS-Ion Catcher data acquisition systems - the case of In109

72. Three-phonon multiplets in 116Sn

89. The 27Al(p,𝛼)24Mg 27Al(p,α)24Mg reaction at astrophysical energies studied by means of the Trojan Horse Method applied to the 2H(27Al,α 24Mg)n reaction

97. The structure of low-lying 1− states in 90,94Zr from (α,α′γ) and (p,p′γ) reactions

25. High field physics and QED experiments at ELI-NP

31. Laser driven nuclear physics at ELI-NP

42. Population of the 2+ms mixed-symmetry state of 140Ba with the alpha-transfer reaction