ELI-NP is the winner of the Energy Globe National Award 2022


The ENERGY GLOBE AWARD in Romania (23rd edition) goes to Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) for the performances of the largest shallow geothermal plant in Europe. Including 1070 geothermal drills at 120 m each, the system is able to deliver a thermal net load of 6,0 MW.
The energy needs of the infrastructure is entirely covered by geothermal energy and electricity. The system doesn't use fossil fuels as energy source, the main energy source for both heating and cooling (including technological cooling) is geothermal energy, equipment being powered by electricity.
One of the directions followed is to obtain a very good energy performance and for a negligible impact on the environment was designed the use of renewable energy. https://energyglobe.info/national/winner/romania